Artist celebrates the life of his three unborn children – miscarriage doesn’t only affect women.

The Camden Image Gallery has a startlingly original exhibition coming up, 21st-26th May.

Labour of Love is Andrew Foster’s celebration of the lives of the three children he lost through miscarriage. The powerful imagery is extensive and includes a massive 75 foot scroll painting, ‘Pain will not have the last word’ along with inflatable sculptures that also reflect miscarriage.

‘I want to challenge the perception that miscarriage happens only to women’, says Andrew, an award winning artist, father of two and Senior Lecturer, B.A (hons) Graphics & Illustration, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts.

This work is not sentimental or depressing but has an authenticity, integrity and a tenderness that breaks down the perception of who experiences miscarriage. This work will provoke the viewer with its joyous aesthetics and challenging content. Both men and women will be moved by the imagery that celebrates the everyday experiences of fatherhood.

The exhibition is being held in collaboration with UK charity the Miscarriage Association, as part of its Partners Too campaign. Supported by CassArt. Exhibition content discussed in The AOI Varoom